How to attend the TED conference without leaving Guangzhou? Go to TEDxXiguan! TEDxXiguan organized the TEDxXiguanLive event on 29th Apr, the Live on its tail means it’s a simulcast event, live-streaming from the TED Conference, where the most forward thinkers and doers of our time take the stage in turns and give the talk of their lives under 18 minutes.

Yet not all of the TED talks will be published on, not to mention you will only be able to see them when the buzz is gently hushed. That’s why TEDxXiguan organizes this Live event, wishing to bring the ideas into our community in their most original form in a timely manner.

100 audience joined the party, we watched the talks and enjoyed snacks and wine. Discussion topics including gender equality; the future of Internet; how should we work and how should we set goals; the power behind China’s tech innovation and many more. The audience left feeling a healthy dose of critical thinking and open-mindedness.

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