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Save the date! Attending TEDxXiguanLive

Have you ever dreamed of attending TED Conference? Yes I am talking about THAT TED conference Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall and many more great minds have spoken at. Here is a little peak into the ‘taste’ of TED Conference.


But attending TED Conference can be very expensive. You normally need to travel to Vancouver, or Long Beach, not to mention the entry ticket is around 8,000 US dollars. Even if you decided to buy a license to watch it from home, it will cost you 100 US dollars. And, who wants to watch these great talks ALONE without like-minded friends to talk with and have some fun in the same time?

So we, TEDxXiguan, decided to bring the TED experience closer to you in Guangzhou, free of charge.

What you can expect?

Imagine a home party, a full house of people just like you, who pay extra attention to our society, the planet (and many other planets!), who cares, striking to make some difference, with food & drinks. And of course, watching the TED Conference LIVE STREAMING together - can anyone name anything better?

Who we are looking for?

We expect you to be curious, open-minded, respectful and tolerant. Does that sound just like you? We think so!

What you should bring?

Your great ideas to share with others, and a small amount of cash to cover some food & drinks. All purchase will be made directly to the venue or our vendors, TEDxXiguan will not be handling any money or have any income.

When is it?

On the night of Feb 19 (nothing better than doing this for the first Friday night after CNY), save the date and stay tuned, application will be opened soon and venue to be announced too. 

Spread the word!