TEDxXiguan is a local yet at the same time international platform, celebrates great ideas and forging them into actions. This platform is built around TED’s ideal “Ideas Worth Spreading” and officially licensed TEDxXiguan conferences and activities. 


Our mission, is to stage ideas and explore possibilities that make positive changes in our community.


This year is a critical year in TEDxXiguan history. Not only because we have successfully finished the first TEDx ED (Education) event in mainland China in 2015, then a big TEDxLive party, everybody is watching what’s TEDxXiguan’s next move. We ourselves are also striving to deliver something new, something bigger, something bolder, with only improvement in quality in every single aspect we operate in. 

今年对于TEDx西关来说至关重要。不仅是因为我们去年在中国大陆第一次开展了TEDx ED(关注教育话题)活动,而后举办了盛大的TEDxLive聚会,所有人都在关注我们接下来要做什么。我们自己也在努力,想把更新颖、更宏大、更大胆有创意的内容带给大家,全面提升我们在各个领域的水平。

That doesn’t mean we are distracted by the idea of becoming “better”. In fact, we are investing unprecedented effort, into putting together the speaker line-up for this year. And that is where you can help us. 


We are a small group, as a matter of fact we can’t find all of the great ideas in Guangzhou, on ourselves, not to mention all of the great ideas in the world. That’s why we opened “Speaker Nomination Process”, if you know someone belongs to TEDxXiguan Stage, or you think yourself belong there, nominate him/her from the menu on our WeChat account, or on our website.


Another way of being part of our mission, is to become a partner. As an non-profit organisation all of our income are 100% put into the production and maintenance cost of our event. Nobody working with TEDxXiguan, not even the speakers, are being paid. So partnership is really our lifeblood. 


We don’t call it “Sponsorship”, because marketing with TEDxXiguan is not only giving your marketing budget out for a logo appearance opportunity. For every single one of our partners we customise our package for their best experience. We offer design consultancy from our own organising committee and our Braintrust, a group of people working in media, advertising, marketing, internet, law, etc., to ensure our partners create meaningful interaction with their target audience. Partnership with us is not only an one-off activity, some of our partners get to “travel the world” with our talk videos. For your customised partnership plan, please contact us at partnerships@tedxxiguan.com, or simply drop us a message in WeChat, one of our team will reach out to you. 


Our TEDxXiguan events are made possible by our great partners, and we invite you to think with us, how you can be part with us. Be you a creative agency who could help us on our design and marketing strategy, a staging company could help us to do audio & visual set up, a F&B business want to showcase your latest recipe. Let’s create something great for our community that we are all proud of it.


There were some great companies joined our mission last year, I encourage you to check them out on our website.


If you neither know anyone to nominate, nor control your company’s marketing budget - no problem at all, help us by sharing this message, and become a TEDxXiguan Ambassador, the reason why you are reading this, we believe, is because you believe in the power of great ideas, just like us.