Maybe you have only seen a few TEDxXiguan talk videos online, or you have attended all of our previous events in person. Maybe you just realized: wait a minute, I have a brilliant idea to share too! Or you want to recommend a speaker to us. In the year of 2018, we will continue to bring our flagship TEDx event to our community, and this time we are trying something new to give you the chance of becoming a speaker yourself. 

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What kind of ideas are we looking for? Your idea doesn’t have to be about any certain topic or theme, but it has to be “worth sharing” - that is to say, your idea needs to be beneficial for the audience and bring positive impact to other people’s lives, instead of only making you or your company famous. Maybe your startup takes on a challenge we all face and deserve more attention; maybe you noticed something from an advantage point where no others have noticed yet; maybe some of your past experience has become the beacon of your life, and you are ready to share that with others; maybe you are doing some cutting-edge research, potentially could change the trajectory of the human species; maybe you want to share your unique art; maybe you have a performance that is so memorable… Join our idea search now!

How to apply?

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Think deeply what your talk is going to be about, and write down a one-minute preview. It can be the structure of your talk or the beginning of it. 

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Video yourself giving this one-minute preview, with your phone or camera. 

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Upload this film to a video site (Youku, Tencent, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and set your video name as [Your name] TEDxXiguan 2018 Idea Search: [The theme of your talk], for example, “John Smith TEDxXiguan 2018 Idea Search: How to create change”. You can save your video as private, or with a password. You can also submit your video via our application form. 

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Finally, finish the application form at, remember to paste in the link to your video, then submit! 

If you are selected you will be given 5 minutes stage time during a TEDxXiguan Idea Search event in April to test your talk with us, the TEDxXiguan Conference of the year will take place end of August. 

The deadline for application is 12:00 PM on 15th April 2018. 

If you want to recommend someone else, you can share this post with them, or nominate them at TEDxXiguan Website. We look forward to hearing from you!