In case you missed TEDxXiguanLive 2018...


In case you missed TEDxXiguanLive 2018...

How to attend the TED conference without leaving Guangzhou? Go to TEDxXiguan! TEDxXiguan organized the TEDxXiguanLive event on 29th Apr, the Live on its tail means it’s a simulcast event, live-streaming from the TED Conference, where the most forward thinkers and doers of our time take the stage in turns and give the talk of their lives under 18 minutes.

Yet not all of the TED talks will be published on, not to mention you will only be able to see them when the buzz is gently hushed. That’s why TEDxXiguan organizes this Live event, wishing to bring the ideas into our community in their most original form in a timely manner.

100 audience joined the party, we watched the talks and enjoyed snacks and wine. Discussion topics including gender equality; the future of Internet; how should we work and how should we set goals; the power behind China’s tech innovation and many more. The audience left feeling a healthy dose of critical thinking and open-mindedness.

For more TEDxXiguan events please follow its official WeChat account: tedxxiguan and website

View pictures of this event at


Are you the next TEDxXiguan Speaker?


Are you the next TEDxXiguan Speaker?

Maybe you have only seen a few TEDxXiguan talk videos online, or you have attended all of our previous events in person. Maybe you just realized: wait a minute, I have a brilliant idea to share too! Or you want to recommend a speaker to us. In the year of 2018, we will continue to bring our flagship TEDx event to our community, and this time we are trying something new to give you the chance of becoming a speaker yourself. 

Artboard 1.png

What kind of ideas are we looking for? Your idea doesn’t have to be about any certain topic or theme, but it has to be “worth sharing” - that is to say, your idea needs to be beneficial for the audience and bring positive impact to other people’s lives, instead of only making you or your company famous. Maybe your startup takes on a challenge we all face and deserve more attention; maybe you noticed something from an advantage point where no others have noticed yet; maybe some of your past experience has become the beacon of your life, and you are ready to share that with others; maybe you are doing some cutting-edge research, potentially could change the trajectory of the human species; maybe you want to share your unique art; maybe you have a performance that is so memorable… Join our idea search now!

How to apply?

Artboard 2.png

Think deeply what your talk is going to be about, and write down a one-minute preview. It can be the structure of your talk or the beginning of it. 

Artboard 3.png

Video yourself giving this one-minute preview, with your phone or camera. 

Artboard 4.png

Upload this film to a video site (Youku, Tencent, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and set your video name as [Your name] TEDxXiguan 2018 Idea Search: [The theme of your talk], for example, “John Smith TEDxXiguan 2018 Idea Search: How to create change”. You can save your video as private, or with a password. You can also submit your video via our application form. 

Artboard 5.png

Finally, finish the application form at, remember to paste in the link to your video, then submit! 

If you are selected you will be given 5 minutes stage time during a TEDxXiguan Idea Search event in April to test your talk with us, the TEDxXiguan Conference of the year will take place end of August. 

The deadline for application is 12:00 PM on 15th April 2018. 

If you want to recommend someone else, you can share this post with them, or nominate them at TEDxXiguan Website. We look forward to hearing from you!


你是下一位 TEDxXiguan 讲者吗?


你是下一位 TEDxXiguan 讲者吗?

你或许只通过视频看过一些 TEDxXiguan 的演讲,或者所有的 TEDxXiguan 活动你一个都没落下。或许你意识到,自己也有一个好想法想要分享给大家,又或者你想要向我们推荐下一个登上舞台的讲者。2018年,TEDxXiguan 将继续带来标志性的 TEDx 活动,而这一次我们用一种新的方式,让你也有可能成为下一个 TEDxXiguan 的讲者。

Artboard 1.png

我们在寻找什么样的想法?我们寻找的想法未必要关于某一个话题,但是一定是“值得传播”的——也就是这个想法可以为其他人带来正向的影响,而不仅仅为你或你的组织带来声誉:或许你正在创业的项目可能可以解决一个大家都忽视了的问题;或许你的独特视角发现了别人尚未发现的东西;或许你的某个经历让你获得了宝贵的财富,而你准备好了将这份财富分享给更多的人;或许你正做着尖端的研究,可能可以改变人类发展的方向;或许你想要分享你独到的艺术创作;或许你有令人过目难忘的表演······现在申请加入我们的 Idea Search 吧!


Artboard 2.png


Artboard 3.png


Artboard 4.png

将这段影片上传到视频网站(优酷,腾讯,YouTube,Vimeo 等)并设置标题为:【你的名字】TEDxXiguan 2018 试镜视频:【你演讲的主题】,例如,“王小明 TEDxXiguan 2018 试镜视频:如何创造改变”。你的视频可以设为仅通过链接可观看或设置密码。或者,你也可以通过我们的报名表单直接上传视频。

Artboard 5.png

最后完成 中的报名表单,记得将你的视频链接复制进去,然后提交!

入选者将有机会在4月份的一场 TEDxXiguan Idea Search 活动中作一个5分钟的试讲,今年的 TEDxXiguan 活动将在8月下旬举行。


如果你想推荐他人,可以将这篇文章转发给TA,或者通过 TEDxXiguan 网站提名讲者。我们很期待听到你的好想法!



TEDxXiguan Annual Conference Introduction


On August 13th, the 2016 TEDxXiguan annual conference will be held, where 13 speakers will share their great ideas around the theme of “Constructive Disruption”.

“Disruption” is not our intention. What we hope is a shift from a fixed mindset to innovative thinking, a change from refusing changes to a constructive routine-breaker, a step from what it should be to what it could possibly be.

The annual conference with the “Constructive Disruption” theme will be held on August 13th and will be divided into four sessions: Future, A whole new take, Perspective and A way forward. Each session is being carefully prepared to spark ideas and explore infinite possibilities during and after each talk.

* Speaker line-up in no particular order.


Jun Lu was honoured as one of the 100 creative and talented artists in Creative Genius: 100 Contemporary Artists. He won the Photography Gold medal, the Sculpture Bronze and the Digital art Silver Prize separately on the 7th, 9th and 10th X Biennale di Firenze, and also won as the outstanding photographer of Pingyao International photography, his works being on exhibitions in museums and galleries across the world.

He is a pioneer in the development of “Digital Ink and Wash”. By capturing the moments that the colours taking changes in the water, he perfectly presents different scenarios while colours meet the water. Actually, this can be tracked back to the Chinese traditional wash paintings in the old time, but he renovates the storytelling style, and develops it into a more abstract and contemporary artistic expression.

Martin Yan, the world’s foremost expert on Chinese cooking and the host of the famous cooking TV show, brings the ancient country’s beauty to the table with gorgeous dishes, breathtaking photographs, and fascinating information about the food, history, and culture of China. He is also the author of 6 cookbooks.

"Yan Can Cook, So Can You!" has always been the motto of Martin Yan, chef extraordinaire and popular television host recognized from Shanghai to San Francisco. Promoting Chinese cuisine, making it easy for the cook and tasty for the guests has been his life-long mission. Born in Guangzhou in Southern China, Chef Yan is technically a second generation 'culinarian,' who was first inspired by his mother in the tiny kitchen of their family restaurant.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Martin has remained an active international food ambassador. He roams the world respresenting different commercial and social concerns to entertain and educate the public, sharing with them his unique humor and strong passion for Chinese cooking.

Zhiyong Xi is a professor at Sun Yat-sen University and Michigan State University.

Xi has led a Guangzhou- based pilot field study using mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria, which aims at curbing on the reproduction of mosquitoes that carry dengue and Zika virus in order to prevent dengue and Zika diseases spreading around the world.

Remarkable achievements have been made since the launch of this project. Xi hopes that, in the future, the way to reduce the number of mosquitoes that carry virus can be developed in controlling the number of roaches, flies and other pests.

Metro started their career in 1998 singing aboard several ships with Celebrity Cruises. After four years with the fleet, they moved to Tokyo, Japan and performed for Tokyo Disney Sea in the American Waterfront. Their reputation for being exceptional entertainers caught the attention of the directors of Hong Kong Disneyland and in 2005, they were asked to open the park. After two years with the company, Metro made the decision to enter the mainstream music industry and they have never looked back. Since that time, Metro has discovered an entirely different variety of Cantonese and Mandarin music from the last 50 years and now performs some of China’s most beloved songs as well as their own compositions. After recording two trendsetting albums, in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Metro has established themselves as powerful artists in the Asian music market.

They recorded their first Cantonese music video, My Pride, in 2009 and the response was overwhelming. Shortly after, in 2010, Metro recorded Beyond’s famous rock ballad, Under A Vast Sky, making them a household name in Asian communities around the world. Metro currently makes their home in Hong Kong, China.

Benjamin T. Wood works includes Shanghai's famous Xintiandi, Foshan’s Lingnantian and Hangzhou’s Xihutiandi, which perfectly incorporated local features.

For years, Wood has been thinking about the way to reshape urban landscape, to provide a living place in rapid development still  remaining its particular icon.

Wilson is a Chartered Member of the UK Landscape Institute, a Professional Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects and the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design. In 2012 he received award from the China International Urbanization Development Strategy Research Committee for his outstanding achievements.

Wilson has designed, documented and administered a wide variety of architecture, landscape, urban planning and environmental projects, whilst specialising in sustainable design solutions with particular emphasis on socially inclusive design. He is devoted to bringing contemporary solutions to Clients. On August 13th, he is going to share with us how he designs with a forward-looking perspective and turns them into reality.

Being designed humanoid, robots are dubbed as a kind of human in Chinese. There is never a lack of innovations and changes in technology. 

However, industrial designer Tommie Varekamp believes that we should pay more attention to user experience and human-machine interface by diversifying and individualizing robotics, rather than merely focus on technology. After all it is humans, instead of robots, who bring a whole new take toward the future. 

Linda TAN is the partner of Rice Harmony Cooperative, in charge of brand strategy, product development and farm and food education as well. 

Ten years ago she was still living in metropolis in China and Canada like Beijing , Chengdu and Toronto with little knowledge of how it is like in rural areas. But now she has visited more than 30 schools in rural areas where she did farming and talked to locals. Now in her early 30s, she is convinced: “My future will definitely be connected with rural areas in China.”

She thinks and takes actions accordingly: how can we produce rice and vegetables in a more bio-friendly way? how should we guide ordinary people to a more sustainable pattern of production as well as consumption? Come and find the answer in person on August 13th!

Chang works for the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society. It has been 3 years since Taison started being involved in the research of Chinese white dolphins after graduating from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He fights hard for the survival of dolphins with the local research team whose aim is to help the population of Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises to thrive within Hong Kong water. Besides, they also give a lot of importance to captive animals, making joint efforts with local and international organizations to raise awareness in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Yahan Cao is a social designer from Taiwan and who now lives in Guangzhou. She is leading a project to design a better world for the elders. Instead of thinking that she knows everything, she asks for help and participation from the community itself as she facilitate changes to happen.

Using design thinking to address social topics, she gave up her original identity, and blended herself into a new community and its cultural context. As she was experiencing unfamiliarity and change, she realized that design for the elders is actually design for us all.

Our common belief is that photography highly relies on vision. However, Jing Li and her team are proving the opposite, through a photography project that is not visual. Their project has proven that visually-impaired people can also take incredible photos. 

Drawing a conclusion is not the only goal, Jing Li and her team move forward by inviting people with regular vision to take part in this project in the hope of arousing public awareness of the daily problems that visually-impaired people encounter.

She is a PhD candidate of urban and regional planning at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. As a professor of the State University of New York at Albany, she focuses on studying social development in an innovative way to enhance maintenance among societies. Additionally, she also maintains the collaboration between the Asian Development Bank and The United Nations Development Program.

She focuses on new ways and means for reconstruction after a disaster. She believes minority in our common context can demonstrate adaptation and innovation when facing disaster.

Teamacting is a consulting company, specialized in management and leadership. As the founder of Teamacting, Tristan believes that no matter how much we are used to the modern work style, there is still room for development. Tristan also provides suggestions and consulting to the European chamber and Roquette Corporate.




Click here to read this article in English.


TEDxXiguan 8月13日大会“重塑”分为四个环节:未来,机遇,角度以及前路。对于每一个部分的内容,我们都精心准备,希望能在现场带给你前所未有的思想激荡,带你一起探索无限可能性。





甄文达是把中国菜烹饪节目搬上美国电视并普遍受欢迎的第一人,他在节目最后总带一句:“Yan Can cook, so can you, zai jian.”(甄能煮,你也能煮!再见!)他的招牌笑容和幽默表达是其特点,节目中不时带着一两句粤语介绍材料读法。他的高超刀法与奇妙节奏令节目除烹饪外,还是他的个人表演舞台。创意食谱也令节目不沉闷之余蕴含多种欣赏价值。该节目在75个国家播放,奠定了他在国际饮食界的地位。






Benjamin T. Wood是国际知名的建筑设计师。曾经主创了代表本埠风尚地标的上海新天地、佛山岭南天地和杭州西湖天地。


Barry Wilson是英国注册景观建筑师、香港注册园境师,2012年被授予中国城市化贡献力人物称号。











带着“设计思维”进入社会话题,她需要抛掉原本的自己,融入并理解全新的社区与文化脉落之中,在不适与转变中她发现,原来为老设计为的其实是“我们” 。









When I was on my way to attend TEDSummit in the end of June, I got the news that Britain voted to leave the European Union. It stroke me hard not only because I never thought it would really happen, but also many other things, horrible things, started to seem possible. And the belief of mine that we all humans can work together, finding common ground more than disagreement might be totally wrong.

A week of TED conference is like living in an utopia. Countless encounters, smiles, deep conversations. There was no border, no difference of colours of the skin, no “tags”. We were all the same, we were all there to listen, and learn from each other. 

In an honoured opportunity of sharing my letter to TED on stage, I said, “One thing we need to think of is how we continue these great conversation within our own communities, friends and family around us, instead of only keeping them in the TED utopia.”

TED’s curator Chris Anderson gave one talk, then he turned it into a blog piece posted on I decided to translate it and share it with my community. It explains where we stand, and why we organise TEDx events. 

This piece was originally published on This translation and publication of this translation have been authorised by TED. The original post could be found at here.




TED策展人Chris Anderson发表了一段演讲,随后他又将这个演讲写成了一篇文章发表在。我把它翻译出来与大家分享。它诠释了我们的信念,以及为什么我们要组织TEDx活动。







作者:Chris Anderson 翻译:Jimmy Tan





















Chris Anderson是TED的策展人

译者Jimmy Tan是TEDxXiguan的策展人

Original post could be found at here.


加入我们,开启你的第二人生!TEDx西关成员招募!TEDxXiguan is recruiting!


加入我们,开启你的第二人生!TEDx西关成员招募!TEDxXiguan is recruiting!

工作/学习之外,你有不一样的(  )经历吗?

What _______ experience do you own besides working and studying?
Have you ever considered how to create more possibilities for you and the community you belong to?


TEDxXiguan is a TEDx event, devoted to spreading ideas and forging them into action. We pride ourselves with the most historical name in Guangzhou, representing the juncture between the new and the old, the change & the unchanged. The first TEDxXiguan event was organised in 2014 but some core team members have been part of the TEDx community since 2011.


Our mission, is to stage ideas and explore possibilities that make positive changes in our community.

过去一年,我们曾举办TEDxXiguanED,对未来教育进行多番畅想。今年初春料峭,我们又在西关老房子一起经历TEDxXiguan Live活动,与世界对话。

In the past year, we held TEDxXiguanED, and pictured future education widely over and over. At the very beginning of this year, another event took place in an old building in Xiguan, which was TEDxXiguan Live, then we were endowed with chances to talk with the world.


We are grateful for the support of everyone as always, and you, who may just start noticing us now. It's you who made every TEDxXiguan event possible and better.


If you are the kind of people who are curious about our local community with fresh ideas springing out from your mind, congratulations you have found your camp! Now, let's see how our second life might match yours.
Who are we?


We Are Young
Vitality stays in us permanently.
Please believe people who embrace dreams and being ambitious always have young blood.


We Are Diversified
Members of our team are from all walks of life, such as media, PR, advertisement, interpretation, freelance etc. Our arms are open to people who want to enjoy the life of slash. .
We are convinced that, it is nothing but difference that makes life splendid, and diversity that makes it dynamic.


We Care
Eyes on global changes, minds on community progress.
We are curious about anything and everythjing, and making effort to bring wonderful & enjoyable experience to as many people as we can.


We Are Brave
It takes wisdom to think and act accordingly.
What we have been doing is to explore our individual potential and step out of our comfort zone.
With this spirit, we march on.


We Don't Even Think About The Box
Thought-collision is such a pleasure.
It inspires ideas ,even solve problems.
It also keeps us curious about the world all the time, just like children.


With TEDxXiguan, There Is No Limit.
There is no limit on you we believe.
Join us, make TEDxXiguan the HUB for great ideas.
Let's embrace life harder, explore the world deeper, spread fantastic ideas even further.


- 大爱无疆,团队关怀
- 细至深夜热线,广至团队发展
- 精通招聘、培训、团建的多面手
- 大师级专业度、沟通力以及文化塑造力

HR Director
- Engaged in Team building.
- From individual communication with any teammate to overall team development.
- Exceled in recruiting, training and teambuilding
- Professional, good at communication, able to train others

- 我们希望你强传播、懂跨界
- 管理现有合作资源,肩负关系维护,拓展合作良机
- 你不是来“要赞助”
- 而是通过合作让双方都变得更强

Partnership Development
- You are expected to be experienced in brand-promotion and enjoy wide connection among different industries.
- Manage existing partnership resources, responsible for maintaining partner ship and develop more cooperative opportunities.
- You are not here to find "Sponsorship" for us
- You are here to create partnerships that can empower both parties

- 世界如此精彩,太需要你的挖掘与传播
- 英文理解力max
- 中文功底及表达力max
- 能把枯燥的翻译做得有趣、有益、有干货

Translation Lead
- Splendid as the world is, it is you who are supposed to discover those marvelous and spread them.
- Excellent English
- Master in Chinese
- Capable to turn usual translation into interesting, beneficial, and useful expression.

- 对好想法有敏锐的嗅觉
- 擅长与人沟通,会讲故事
- 配合策展人完成讲者遴选及准备工作

Content Producer | Speaker
- Sensitive to good ideas
- Good communicater and storyteller
- Work closely with the Curator to select and prepare speakers.

- 掌控TEDx西关所有视觉设计
- 如果你具备超强的形象思维,灵感与想法多于常人
- 快来成为视觉创意产生和形成的推动者

Design Director
- Responsible for all visual works.
- If you are super creative, with more inspiration & ideas than the others
- Come and generate some visual creation.

- 艺术表达力X 脑洞大开X 高效执行
- 当然,更重要的是,能抵住“打死不改稿.tiff““绝对最终稿12.tiff“的推敲

Graphic Designer
- Artistic, Innovative, Efficient
- Of course, most importantly, can stand countless revisions. (No we are kidding.)

- 不仅仅是,拍摄、剪辑、制作
- 还爱钻研爱创新
- 比如,与我们一同创造N种全新记录世界的方式

Video Designer
- Not only photographing, cutting, producing
- But have passion for research and innovation
- For instance, create some new ways to record the world with us.

而你,可以更( ),为什么不?

The world is full of wonder
How Slash your life could be?
You can be more ( ) ?


Be part of creation of TEDxXiguan2016 跟我们一起创造TEDx西关2016年会


Be part of creation of TEDxXiguan2016 跟我们一起创造TEDx西关2016年会

TEDxXiguan is a local yet at the same time international platform, celebrates great ideas and forging them into actions. This platform is built around TED’s ideal “Ideas Worth Spreading” and officially licensed TEDxXiguan conferences and activities. 


Our mission, is to stage ideas and explore possibilities that make positive changes in our community.


This year is a critical year in TEDxXiguan history. Not only because we have successfully finished the first TEDx ED (Education) event in mainland China in 2015, then a big TEDxLive party, everybody is watching what’s TEDxXiguan’s next move. We ourselves are also striving to deliver something new, something bigger, something bolder, with only improvement in quality in every single aspect we operate in. 

今年对于TEDx西关来说至关重要。不仅是因为我们去年在中国大陆第一次开展了TEDx ED(关注教育话题)活动,而后举办了盛大的TEDxLive聚会,所有人都在关注我们接下来要做什么。我们自己也在努力,想把更新颖、更宏大、更大胆有创意的内容带给大家,全面提升我们在各个领域的水平。

That doesn’t mean we are distracted by the idea of becoming “better”. In fact, we are investing unprecedented effort, into putting together the speaker line-up for this year. And that is where you can help us. 


We are a small group, as a matter of fact we can’t find all of the great ideas in Guangzhou, on ourselves, not to mention all of the great ideas in the world. That’s why we opened “Speaker Nomination Process”, if you know someone belongs to TEDxXiguan Stage, or you think yourself belong there, nominate him/her from the menu on our WeChat account, or on our website.


Another way of being part of our mission, is to become a partner. As an non-profit organisation all of our income are 100% put into the production and maintenance cost of our event. Nobody working with TEDxXiguan, not even the speakers, are being paid. So partnership is really our lifeblood. 


We don’t call it “Sponsorship”, because marketing with TEDxXiguan is not only giving your marketing budget out for a logo appearance opportunity. For every single one of our partners we customise our package for their best experience. We offer design consultancy from our own organising committee and our Braintrust, a group of people working in media, advertising, marketing, internet, law, etc., to ensure our partners create meaningful interaction with their target audience. Partnership with us is not only an one-off activity, some of our partners get to “travel the world” with our talk videos. For your customised partnership plan, please contact us at, or simply drop us a message in WeChat, one of our team will reach out to you. 


Our TEDxXiguan events are made possible by our great partners, and we invite you to think with us, how you can be part with us. Be you a creative agency who could help us on our design and marketing strategy, a staging company could help us to do audio & visual set up, a F&B business want to showcase your latest recipe. Let’s create something great for our community that we are all proud of it.


There were some great companies joined our mission last year, I encourage you to check them out on our website.


If you neither know anyone to nominate, nor control your company’s marketing budget - no problem at all, help us by sharing this message, and become a TEDxXiguan Ambassador, the reason why you are reading this, we believe, is because you believe in the power of great ideas, just like us.   



Recap of TEDxXiguanLive on Feb 19 2016


Recap of TEDxXiguanLive on Feb 19 2016

TEDxXiguanLive as it's happening

TEDxXiguanLive as it's happening

“Dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen.”
                     — Shonda Rhimes, Writer & Producer, TED2016 Session 1 speaker

Last night in a space where old historical building meet modern creative minds, TEDxXiguanLive concluded with some great conversations. 

We streamed live from TED2016 in Vancouver, and we chose Session 8: Nightmare? as our content.

Image from 

Image from 

This session started by Al Gore, former U.S. vice president and Nobel Prize laureate. In his 4th TED Stage appearance, he passionately pointed out for the climate crisis we are facing, we need to change, we can change, and we will change. In one of his slides, our beloved city Guangzhou is featured as one of top 10 cities at risk from sea level rise in 2070 by assets at risk. 

“When any great moral challenge is ultimately resolved into a binary choice between what is right and what is wrong, the outcome is foreordained because of who we are as human beings … That is why we’re going to win this.”

Image from

Image from

“The greatest failure of the human race is that we’ve left one billion of our members behind,” says social entrepreneur Andrew Youn. His nonprofit, One Acre Fund, is dedicated in a mission of changing it, by making tools and techniques accessible to small farmers in the same time provide asset-based loan. “It’s like Amazon for rural farmers,” he says. “Wherever we deliver services, farmers use our tools to climb out of poverty.”

Image from

Image from

Now with CRISPR, gene editing seems to become a tool at anyone’s reach. According to Jennifer Kahn a talented high-schooler can do it, where can this technology lead us, and what are the potential dangers? 

Image from

Image from

We then heard the beautiful singing from Rhiannon Giddens, her voice bring history to life through music.

Because of video stream became not as smooth at this point, we moved into planned conversation. There are some great conversations and some audience even felt the conversation part was the most enlightening session. We discussed climate change, some weird imagination of gene editing, and what we can do to stop extreme poverty. 

There will be more TEDxXiguan events down the line for year 2016, as we have announced our theme - Constructive Disruption - share with us what’s your take and what do you expect.

If you have taken some nice pictures, please share them and tag #TEDxXiguan#. 

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Save the date! Attending TEDxXiguanLive

Have you ever dreamed of attending TED Conference? Yes I am talking about THAT TED conference Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall and many more great minds have spoken at. Here is a little peak into the ‘taste’ of TED Conference.


But attending TED Conference can be very expensive. You normally need to travel to Vancouver, or Long Beach, not to mention the entry ticket is around 8,000 US dollars. Even if you decided to buy a license to watch it from home, it will cost you 100 US dollars. And, who wants to watch these great talks ALONE without like-minded friends to talk with and have some fun in the same time?

So we, TEDxXiguan, decided to bring the TED experience closer to you in Guangzhou, free of charge.

What you can expect?

Imagine a home party, a full house of people just like you, who pay extra attention to our society, the planet (and many other planets!), who cares, striking to make some difference, with food & drinks. And of course, watching the TED Conference LIVE STREAMING together - can anyone name anything better?

Who we are looking for?

We expect you to be curious, open-minded, respectful and tolerant. Does that sound just like you? We think so!

What you should bring?

Your great ideas to share with others, and a small amount of cash to cover some food & drinks. All purchase will be made directly to the venue or our vendors, TEDxXiguan will not be handling any money or have any income.

When is it?

On the night of Feb 19 (nothing better than doing this for the first Friday night after CNY), save the date and stay tuned, application will be opened soon and venue to be announced too. 

Spread the word!