The event was a success! You can view pictures below and more videos will be updated soon!

After 2 years since our first such event, we return to this topic that we, and many in our community care deeply about - Education. Although in China most discussions around education are concentrated on one single topic during a specific time each year - the College Entrance Examination, we know it’s more than that. What we teach and how we teach are just like planting seeds into young and evolving minds - it is a long and somewhat unpredictable process. But what kind of people today's school kids will become decides what future holds for all humanity.

At TEDxXiguanED 2017, we will bring a set of incredible speakers who have a shared passion and unique wisdom in education. And we hope their ideas will resonate, and generate even more discussions and questions on this topic which deserves much more attention.

Also at this time, we are re-defining the TEDx event experience. Besides the well-known talk format, a number of workshops will be held around the main theatre, giving our attendees a chance to have a deeper exchange. What’s more exciting is you have the opportunity to shape these discussions and even the future of education.

Speaker Lineup

(By last name)

Liang Deng - Experimental educator

Over the years, Liang Deng's studies focus on the "people" in literary classics. As a literary researcher and education, he has been exploring how to reflect human vitality, human profoundness and richness in education.

He has worked both inside and outside the education system. Previously, he worked successively in secondary schools, primary schools and universities as a teacher, and participated in the compilation of "national new curriculum reform teaching materials for Guangdong high school teachers". After leaving the system, he tried to explore education outside the system.  In 2014, he created the "Son of the Earth" Education Institute which is committed to education research, promotion and educator cultivation

Shane Leaning - Teacher at BSG

Shane Leaning is an educator and leader specializing in the acquisition of English language. A passionate internationalist, Shane believes that developing international mindedness in young learners is the best way to prepare them for life in an increasingly globalized world.

Shane has a particular interest in how learning a second language can be significantly enhanced by cultivating the mother tongue. He is currently conducting a small-scale research project with King's College London. His research explores how teachers in international schools may better support students learning English as a second language.

Shane has been a teacher since 2009 and has taught in China for the last five years. He is currently working in the British School of Guangzhou, leading a team of language specialists to support young learners of English.

Mike Ludwick - Drama educator

Mike Ludwick is an American educator, entertainer, and entrepreneur who has been living in China since 2007. He was raised in a family of drama educators and began his involvement with international drama education in 1998 as the Middle School drama teacher at the American school of Warsaw, Poland. During that time, he also began working with the non-profit organization ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association). 

Mike's personal philosophy and educational practice were heavily influenced by ISTA and their focus on Ensemble, Creative Devising, Play and Exploration, and drama as a tool for personal growth and exploration. For the past 3 years, Mike and Near West, a company he founded, have been offering international drama summer camp experience in Guangzhou. 

Chenchen Shen - Science Communicator at Miraikan

Chenchen Shen works at Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science (Miraikan) as a science communicator to engage the public on environmental issues and sustainability. She deeply believes in that her work, and activities she helps to design, can form a strong connection between the public and scientists. 

In 2016 Chenchenwas nominated as MIDORI Science Communicator by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. 

Chenchen will come all the way from Tokyo to present to us in Guangzhou.

Wang Wen.png

Wen Wang - Educator, Positive Discipline

Wen Wang is an educator, entrepreneur, national secondary psychological counsellor. She founded her own Positive Discipline school. She started parenting classes in April 2016 and has held nearly 100 seminars.

With her knowledge in children, parents, psychology and positive discipline, Wen Wang along with her education concept has entered into enterprises, schools, kindergartens, and communities. Her engagement with families with children in different ages ranging from infancy, childhood to youth gives her the belief that parenting is fundamental and that parents should grow and study together with kids.   

Zhuli Wang, Deputy Director of the Modern Education Technology Institute of Sun Yat-Sen University, has been committed to education technology and teaching methods since 2005. In view of the network time learning challenges, Professor Wang developed a learning theory called New Constructivism.

A decade ago, Professor Wang started writing blogs about education technology which now have more than 1.3 million views. He published his monograph Fragmentation and New Construction: Reshaping Education Based on Internet Thinking in 2015.

Jian Zhou - President of Beijing Gan'en Charity Foundation

Jian Zhou is the founder of Beijing Gan'en Charity Foundation, and also one of the founders of "One School One Dream". Over the past 25 years, he has travelled to more than 160 poor counties across China, and with this experience, he knows what rural children really need. He is, at the same time, a columnist on public policy and public commentary. With more than 10 years of public welfare projects and corporate social responsibility planning and management experience, Zhou has become a senior practitioner in the charity sector, as well as an active advocate of charity concept.

Breakout Sessions


Unlike any of our previous events, the audience will be led into 17 different spaces to explore our “breakout sessions” after lunch. For one and a half hours, you may find yourself producing a dance move with one of modern dance icons in China - Ergao; Or try education design hands on with Chen Dan, CEO of 1KG Box; Even you may find yourself in a workshop hosted by one of your favorite speakers, and they are desperate to share what they couldn’t share with you on stage. 

You can also choose to sit in the theatre and watch Most Likely to Succeed, “one of the best edu-documentaries”. The film is not in cinemas or online. Perhaps you can find your glimpse in the future of education through this film. 

Here is a selection of our breakout sessions:

| Qiwo He (Ergao): Everyday Dance Movement

Dancer, Choreographer, Art Director of EDPG

The awkening of the sense of body eroded by society and techonolgy, the opeing of mind and body through dance; improvisation of everyday movement. The facilitator will guide participants to use their everyday movement to achieve reconstruction, which can become a display they can share with others. 

| Dan Chen: Quality Education by Everyone

CEO of 1KG, Advocate for rurual education innovation

Founder of "Searching for 100 Rual Education Creator"

If you have the courage to start with yourself to create education, then the tool kit developed by the 1KG Box team will enable you to experience the imaginary methods of education planning and learn the secret of how to ignite kids' curiosity.

Chenchen Shen: New approach to science education

Science communicator at Miraikan / One of TEDxXiguanED speakers

In the simple and interesting game, participants can not only understand the abstract knowledge learned in school, considering how to build sustainable society in a brand-new view, but also realize how scientists in the world understand sustainable development and apply what kind of science methods to reach it.

| Yuhui Hou: Know Yourself, Embrace Yourself, Accept Yourself

Healing Artist, Supervisor of art creation events, Art teacher

Exploration of personal emotion, ability, characterstic, interest, inner conflicts and reflection with the help of art tools and materials as wellas creative art activities and participants' response to art works. Personal growth is facilitated during the processas participants can learn about theirselves, tap their potential, improve behavior management and solve life difficulties.

* More info about breakout sessions will be released on TEDxXiguan WeChat account




27th Aug 2017


09:00-10:00     Shuttle bus

09:30-10:30     Registration

10:30-12:00     Theatre: Talk Session 1

12:00-13:30     Lunch

13:30-14:45     Breakout Sessions

14:45-15:30     Tea break

15:30-17:30     Theatre: Talk Session 2