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We are in a special era where most of the things around us seems to be working just fine. And it’s easy for us to feel content with what we have. However, human mobility wouldn’t have leapt forward if nobody thought about flying, and we continued to develop “cars run faster”.

We don’t have answer to any of those “big questions”, but we’d like to initiate this conversation, a conversation as if there is no “normality”. It’s not about being disruptive, it’s about coming at it from a new angle, and reevaluating what we take for granted.





Speakers | 讲者

Session 1 - Future! 第一部分 - 未来!

Session 1 - Future! 第一部分 - 未来!

Session 2 - A whole new take 第二部分 - 全新机遇

Session 2 - A whole new take 第二部分 - 全新机遇

Session 3 - Perspective 第三部分 - 视角

Session 3 - Perspective 第三部分 - 视角

Session 4 - Way forward 第四部分 - 前路

Session 4 - Way forward 第四部分 - 前路

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Date: 2016.08.13

Venue: Garden Hotel Guangzhou




Schedule | 日程


08:30 Registration

09:30-11:00 Session 1 - Future!

11:30-13:00 Session 2 - A whole new take

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Session 3 - Perspective

16:30-18:00 Session 4 - Way forward

*All tickets include lunch, simultaneous interpretation provided.

*Speakers and schedule are subject to change.

08:30 签到

09:30-11:00 第一部分:未来!

11:30-13:00 第二部分:全新机遇

13:00-14:30 午餐

14:30-16:00 第三部分:视角

16:30-18:00 第四部分:前路




Ticketing Information | 票务信息

This is a conversation of the community, so we are offering different types of tickets to make sure our community is well represented.

Standard: 280 RMB


*Only applicable if you currently work for an NGO or NPO.

Students: 180 RMB (100 limit)

*Only applicable with valid student ID.


TED Community

If you are a TEDx organizer/TED Translator/TED-Ed Educator/TED Fellow, please apply for standard ticket then write to hi@tedxxiguan.com with your information for special rate code. Each TEDx license can only apply for 1 special ticket. Only applicable with valid TED.com profile page.

You will find the application form is rather long - this is because we want to know better of you, and make sure we have the right audience with us for the day. Because each audience member is equally important as speakers, you are responsible of bringing in great ideas too. So we highly recommend you find a quiet time and place for yourself to fill in the application.

- Review

Once you filed in your application, it will take up to one week for us to review it, we read every single application carefully and thoroughly. Please be patient. 

- Pay

If your entry is confirmed, you will receive an email asking for payment. Please complete your payment in two days. Or you need to re-apply. As many people are on waiting list, please arrange your payment as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

- Stay tuned

Keep following our official wechat. Please feel free to ask us any questions or share ideas.


标准票: 280元

公益票: 200元


学生票: 180元(限100张)



*如果你是一个TEDx组织者/TED翻译者/TED-Ed教育者/TED Fellow,请申请标准票后发送个人信息至hi@tedxxiguan.com索取优惠码。每个TEDx活动仅限一张优惠票。仅可凭有效TED.com信息页申请。


1. 审核:当你提交申请之后,我们将最多使用1周的时间审核。我们会仔细阅读每一份申请,请给我们多一点点耐心。

2. 付款:如果你的申请被确认通过,你将收到一个包含付款链接的邮件。请在收到邮件后2天内付款,否则你需要重新提交申请,重复审核流程,再付款。(报名人数众多,请尽快付款,给予等候清单上观众更多机会,多谢谅解)

3. 关注:在活动开始前,欢迎继续关注我们的微信公众号,保持互动。


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